Conditions & Instructions


The Pink Shack is not a motel. It is your responsibility to leave it as you found it – CLEAN

Cleaning Fees will be charged if Broken Glass / Bottle Tops / Cigarette Butts or Rubbish is left lying around.

Maximum of 20 people at one time. (Extras Negotiable at $25 per head, per day.)


IN / OUT  TIMES : In 4pm / Out 2pm


i.e. : weekends 4pm Friday – 2pm Sunday


Key supplied are for the locks at the top of each door


Top up Spa with Rainwater only if available – River Water will make the Spa look like the river until filter does it’s job.

 To Operate the Spa: Turn heater filter switch on attached to tree

 Turn on Gas at the bottle located on the south side of shack  Behind screen

Heater control is also attached to tree next to spa
Turn Control on, set temperature to 37ºC. Spa heats up in summer approx 90 minutes. Winter 150 minutes and will stay at set temperature



Fetch TV  Can be viewed in the lounge.

Wardrobe in Main Bedroom is locked and not available for use.

Front spotlights are not available due to 9000watts consumption – Shack’s power supply not big enough for this plus Air Conditioner.

Pets OK

Pod/iPhone Docking Sound System is available downstairs.

Kitchen and front light switch are located outside kitchen door. Lounge Lights are by lounge door.

Airstrip is ok to use ATV’s Motorcycles etc. Private Land so no Drivers License required.

Any problems call Mark on 0412 299 385 or local manager Rose on 0408 836 358.

Water effect switch is by the pizza oven on the post at head height.

No Smoking inside the Shack.

All rubbish is to be left in the redtop bin at the shack when you leave. Recyclable 10c Bottles & Cans can be left in bins supplied.

Shack is to be left clean & tidy which includes: bathrooms, BBQ, vacuuming all Fridges and Kitchen.

No Fires or petrol burn/refuelling on lawns